The BIGgest Business-Tech Quantum Computing Competition

The BIG Quantum Hackathon organized by Québec Quantique, in association with QuantX, aims to gather the whole value chain of Quantum Computing and demonstrate its ability to address the real-life challenges from the business world. During the event, various companies from the industrial and financial sectors, investors and consulting groups will join forces with quantum computing specialists from academia and quantum hardware and software providers to approach a set of longstanding problems from different application domains. Through establishing a stage for a collaborative problem solving, the BIG Quantum Hackathon will help the participants to investigate the real impact of their work, today’s viability of quantum computing solutions, existing business interest and priorities, and efforts to be done in the coming years.

The BIG Quantum Hackathon is organized in collaboration with ACET, Centech, Entreprenariat Laval and Quantino.

Phase 1 - Technical Phase

June 20 – 21 2022

During phase 1, the technical teams solve use-cases in the form of challenges provided by ten industrial and financial companies in various application domains (chemistry, optimization, machine learning, linear algebra, energy and others) on the platforms provided by Quantum software and hardware providers. The best technical solutions are selected by experts and sent to Phase Two of the competition.

Phase 2 - Business Phase

June 22 – 23 2022

During phase 2, teams of VC/PE investors, consulting groups, MBA students and executive MBA specialists will take on the technical solutions to analyse their viability by creating business cases that will be presented to a jury. The best technical solution with the strongest business case will be crowned victor.

Award Ceremony and Cocktail

June 23rd 2022

Award ceremony and cocktail to celebrate the success of the BIG Quantum Hackathon 2022 in Canada. By invitation only.

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